...helps connect community leaders, businesses, residents, institutions, and programs to promote the mental, moral, intellectual well being of and encourage physical improvement for the inhabitants of Nebraska, and of Goshen and Platte Counties, Wyoming, and primarily of Scotts Bluff County.

  • To improve living and working conditions.

  • To provide for recreation.

  • To promote and encourage the arts.

  • To aid in the care and

  • development of children.

  • To aid in the care of the sick,aged and helpless.

  • To promote health and the prevention of disease.

  • To promote scientific research for the alleviation of human suffering.


To aid in the rehabilitation of:

– Victims of narcotics,

– Drugs and liquors.

– Inmates and released inmates of penal and reformatory institutions.

– Wayward and delinquent individuals.